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Posted: Mar 23, 2016 1:02 PMUpdated: Mar 23, 2016 8:06 PM

Major Drug Investigation Leads to Dozens of Arrests

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Bill Lynch

The Osage County Sheriff’s Office, along with several other law enforcement agencies, conducted a major drug bust on Wednesday morning.  Deputies referred to the operation as the largest in Osage County history.

In all, 44 arrest warrants were issued, all of which are linked to the use, distribution, or trafficking of marijuana into Osage County. 

Those arrested ranged from buyers to dealers. Charges were brought in Osage County but affidavits show that marijuana was sent through the U.S. Post Office so there will likely be federal charges filed.

Law enforcement agencies involved in Wednesday’s arrests include the Pawhuska Police Department, the Osage County Sheriff’s Office, Osage Nation and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

A dozen of those arrested were arraigned on felony conspiracy and computer charges.

Bond was set for those arraigned at $10,000.

Here is a list of those for whom warrants were issued:

Jache Parker Willard, 29, various; Emmitt Charles Bickford, 29, Pawhuska; Danielle Louise Oberly, 28, Pawhuska; Britton Edgar Redeagle, 26, Pawhuska; Matthew Markus Thornton, 27, Pawhuska; Amanda Dawn Bickford, 26, Pawhuska; Sadie Patterson, 23, Pawhuska; Michael Shawn Thomas, 25, Hominy; Samantha Michelle Valek, 22, Pawhuska; Rachel Waite, 22, Eureka Springs, Ark.; John W. Williams Jr., 44, Pawhuska; Benjamin Matthew Windle, 22, Holiday Island, Ark.; Stevey Ray Herren, 22, Pawhuska; John Schubert, 25, Eureka Springs; Keith Allen Lambert, 26, Pawhuska; Penelton Spencer Lookout, 20, address not given; Justin Jay Morgan, 24, Eureka Springs; Jacob R. Deerinwater, 22, Skiatook; Amber Delancy, 38, Pawhuska; Jason Steelman, 24, Fayetteville, Ark.; Glane Steele Willard, 22, Holiday Island, Ark.; Kendra Davis, 20, Wynona; Brieanna C. Perry, 27, Eureka Springs; Michelle Lea Pradmore, 46, Fairfax; Michael Eddings, 31, Western Grove, Ark.; Daniel Jack Renowden, 30, Wagoner; Cody Brant Flud, 36, Wynona; Dusty Lynn Hendren, 29, Pawhuska; Norris Noble Bighorse, 22, Pawhuska; Tykwan Shaquil Flowers, 22, Pawhuska; Deanna Lambert, 25, Pawhuska; Charlene Cosby, 53, Pawhuska; Katelyn Leigh Miller, 21, Pawhuska; Joshua Lee Carman, 22, Pawhuska; Brandon Cory Mitchell, 22, Pawhuska; Melissa Christie Shook-Reeves, 39, Pawhuska; Andrea Dawn Thomas, 42, Pawhuska; Johnny Dewayne Diaz, 20, Pawhuska; Kevin Lawrence Dawson, 31, Fairax; Layton Urrich Vogeding, 25, Bartlesville; Dominick Joseph Neri, 20, Pawhuska; John David Diaz, 37, Pawhuska; Terri Francis Merrell, 19, Hominy; Stevie Ray Shimonek, 23, Pawhuska.



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