Posted: Oct 11, 2017 4:04 AMUpdated: Oct 11, 2017 4:04 AM

Area Voters Decide School Bond Questions

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Charlie Taraboletti
Voters in two Osage County school districts went to the polls on Tuesday.  One bond issue passed and one failed. A Prue Schools Central Tech Annexation passed 110-24.  A Shidler School proposition for a $17,290,000 construction bond failed 145-135.
Owasso voters decided two bond issues.  Both questions passed.  Question number one – a 57 million dollar bond issue passed with more than 76 percent of participating voters saying yes. Tuesday’s bond approval will pave the way for building a new elementary school, constructing three new tornado shelters and making critical upgrades to campus facilities, to name a few.  Leading the agenda at $23.5 million is Morrow Elementary, the district’s ninth elementary school, planned to be built with an F-5 safe gym near U.S. 169 and 116th St. N.  A second question on bus bonds also passed.  Nearly 78 percent of Owasso voters said yes.

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