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Posted: Dec 05, 2018 11:18 AMUpdated: Dec 05, 2018 11:42 AM

Bartlesville Recycling Survey to Launch in 2019

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Garrett Giles

The City of Bartlesville’s Public Works Department has tried to keep the recycling center open for extended hours in the past but ran into problems with people dumping garbage, trash and other items at the center during off hours. That lead to the reduction of the recycling center’s hours. The center is now kept open only when sanitation staff is on duty to monitor it.

The Public Works Department is in the process of putting together a survey aimed at giving the City of Bartlesville more insight into what sanitation and recycling customers want and are willing to pay for. That information, along with costs and more will be considered going forward. It will be important for citizens to make their priorities known during the survey period, because that will help determine the future of recycling in Bartlesville. Bartlesville residents will be hearing a lot more about this as the project moves forward. The recycling survey is expected to launch sometime in 2019.

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