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Posted: Jan 09, 2019 9:48 AMUpdated: Jan 09, 2019 9:55 AM

DEDA Shares Mission, Vision Statements in Meeting

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Garrett Giles

The Dewey Economic Development Authority moves closer to developing a mission statement and vision statement for the group. City Manager Kevin Trease says the mission and vision statements presented Tuesday evening seem right for what the DEDA wants to do as a group. That lead the DEDA to not expand the statements any further as they saw no need to do so.

The mission statement and the vision statement presented Tuesday was not approved since they had no action on their agenda to approve the statement. The purpose of discussing the mission and vision statements was to see if anything needed to be added.

The DEDA mission statement presented Tuesday read:

"The mission of the Dewey Economic Development Authority is to create a more vibrant and cultivated community by: 

Serving as a conduit betwen the commercial economic interests in Dewey and the municipal government; Encouraging the economic well-being and expansion of the existing commercial businesses located within the city; Responsibly assisting in developing properties within Dewey in an effort to improve the aesthetics of the city while providing additional revenue; and, reviewing city ordinances, policies, and practices to determine their impact on existing and proposed commercial businesses."

As for the vision statement, it read:

"The vision of the Dewey Economic Development Authority is to enhance the many attributes that the City of Dewey has to offer.

We are dedicated to help create opportunities for economic development through desirable business growth, expansion, retention and attraction in working as partners to develop a climate conductive in maintaining the quality of life in this great city of Dewey, County of Washington, [and the] State of Oklahoma."

The Dewey Economic Development Authority plans to approve both statements in their next meeting. Both statements will go on the new Dewey Economic Development Authority Facebook page when the statements are approved.


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