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Posted: Jul 12, 2019 3:30 PMUpdated: Jul 12, 2019 3:33 PM

No Fault Found in June 1 Police-Involved Shooting

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Max Gross

No wrongdoing was found on behalf of two Bartlesville Police officers in regards to the June 1 shooting death of Thomas Gay. District Attorney Kevin Buchanan released a statement  on Friday afternoon say no charges will be pursued against either officer. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation recently concluded an investigation in the matter.

Gay was shot once in the leg and another time in the chest at a residence on the 1300 block of SE Madison Boulevard in Bartlesville. Officers deployed a taser before but could not get Gay to comply. Two officers believed Gay was holding some sort of weapon during the struggle.

Gay’s father called police to the home saying he wanted his adult son who was visiting to leave. The father described his son’s behavior as possibly being “on something”, acting very paranoid and combative toward others.

Buchanan said in the statement, “there is no reason to doubt the events occurred as both officers and the father described leading up to the moment Gay was shot.”

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