Posted: Sep 11, 2019 5:19 PMUpdated: Sep 11, 2019 5:28 PM

Martha's Task, Others to Remember Ogans' Heart

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Garrett Giles

Martha's Task will take some time on Friday to recognize and honor the passing of a friend.

As a seamstress, Gwendolyn Ogans made fabulous products at Martha's Task, but in the real world, she would weave her way into the hearts of many in the community. “Gwen” is what her friends called her. Martha's Task Store Manager Tracey Hamilton could attest to that, because she was friends with Gwen for 15-years.

Being a host for meals was a big deal to Gwen. Hamilton said it was always like Thanksgiving when someone would come over to eat. She said Gwen would try things that you may not recognize, but it would be good. Barbeque and potato salad were always staples of hers.

Hamilton said Mardi Gras was one events that Gwen always loved to attend, which has been an event that Martha's Task has put on over the years. Handing out beads was always her ticket in, Hamilton said, reflecting on the high spirit of her friend. She said Gwen was funny, frustrating, bull-headed, and overall - delightful.

Martha's Task Director Laura Walton shared Hamilton's sentiments.

The presence of Gwen is what members at Martha's Task will miss. Walton said she used to work at the non-profit 5-days a week.

When health issues slightly hindered her ability to be there every day, Gwen would call to check on the organization and the people in it. It was then that Walton knew Gwen wanted to be there at the beginning of the day, and at the end of the day, every day.

Life was hard for Gwen but she always had a positive attitude. Diabetes and congestive heart problems could not hold the 50-year-old back from doing what she loved forever. Sharing life with others was her passion, and everyone wanted a piece of the life she lived.

Gwen was highly involved in the local church scene, in Martha's Task and in the Bartlesville Ladies Connection. She sadly passed on Wednesday, Aug. 28th in Tulsa. She will be remembered by many.

Funeral services for Gwen Ogan will be held on Friday, Sept. 13th at 10:00 a.m. at the Westside First Baptist Church in Dewey. She is survived by her son Dimitri, and her father.

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Pictured at top right, Gwen is at the Bartlesville Ladies Connection Women's Business Expo in May 2014. She loved the BLC programs and all the women involved.  Below, Gwen is pictured at her sewing machine showing off some merchandise she was creating for Martha's Task. She is also pictued working on a sewing project with her instructor June Edmison, and with Yanik Dumont Baron. He came in May 2016 and interviewed her. He is an international broadcast correspondent who works primarily with CBC Radio in Canada.


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