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Posted: Oct 09, 2019 1:49 PMUpdated: Oct 09, 2019 3:29 PM

5th Annual Cops and Rodders Showcase was a Success

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Garrett Giles

It was a little damp for the 5th Annual Cops and Rodders Showcase at the Washington County Sheriff's Office last Saturday.

Considering the weather and all the other events in the area that weekend, Sheriff Scott Owen said they still had a good time. In total, 74 cars registered for the event. Coordinator Lee Ann Meade said seeing all the cars and people despite the weather was a great site to see.

The Sheriff's Choice Award was handed out towards the end of the fundraising effort. Sheriff Owen said it was the hardest choice he has ever had to make, but he did make a choice.

Melinda Thomas of Dewey (pictured top right with her awards) won the Sheriff's Choice Award. She presented a red, original 1969 Pontiac Firebird that Sheriff Owen said was very impressive.

Top 20 Awards were also given away on Saturday at the 5th Annual Cops and Rodders Showcase. Those winners got a plaque and a 50-dollar cash prize for being in the Top 20.

Most of those winners, however, would pay the cash forward to the Sheriff's Reserve Fund. Sheriff Owen said they were grateful for the return so the Sheriff's Office could have more funds to give more people in Washington County a Happy Holiday season this year.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office will use their raised funds for the Thanksgiving Food Drive for the needy in Washington County. They will also use the funds for the Christmas gifts to give to the needy children in the county as well during their Christmas program in December. Sheriff Owen said they will combine their funds from Saturday with the funds they were able to get from the Masonic Lodge Breakfast earlier this year to ensure everyone has a Happy Holiday season ahead.

The Sheriff's Office will now focus on getting everything organized. Sheriff Owen said their focus will be getting meals set up for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. As for future fundraisers, the Washington County Sheriff's Office will regroup next summer.

Cops and Rodders Coordinator Lee Ann Meade said the carshow raised $2,072.55. That, combined with the $6,730.66 raised (520 tickets sold) from the Masonic Lodge Breakfast, a total of $8,802 will be used for the holiday programs the Washington County Sheriff's Office puts on.

Sheriff Owen also wanted to thank all the citizens that came to the event. He thanked his staff for working the event as well. Without them, Sheriff Owen said he would be nothing.

(Photo courtesy: Assistant Dewey Fire Chief Cody Meade; Below is the 1969 Pontiac Firebird that won with the trophies. All other pictures are sights from the event)





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