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Posted: Oct 09, 2019 3:21 PMUpdated: Oct 09, 2019 3:29 PM

Police Building Moving Along, Utility Rate May Increase

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Garrett Giles

The Dewey Public Works Authority met earlier this week for their regularly scheduled meeting and they heard from City Manager Kevin Trease.

Trease gave a brief update to the Authority and he said the City of Dewey recently saw two auditors drop by. The meeting went well, but Trease said they have some work to do. He said the City of Dewey needs to look at increasing their utility rate slightly.

Public Works has paid for workers compensation in the past, which Trease said he put some strain in their utilities. He said he will come before the Authority in the next couple of meetings with proposals to increase the utility rate in Dewey.

In other areas of focus, Taft Street is receiving some attention from the Dewey Public Works staff. They have torn up the asphalt up to the cul de sac from the dead end on Taft. They may re-concrete the area instead of re-asphalting the roadway.

Trease added that weather has slowed the progress of the new Dewey Police Department building located along N Cherokee Ave. next to the Dewey Fire Department. Trease said they are continuing the concrete installation at the police department. He said they are also 60-days out from finishing the interior. Glenn Security has also installed a security system (i.e. cameras).

Lastly, the alley behind the 300 Block of Don Tyler Ave. will be asphalted again before too long. Trease said they still want to lower the grade of the alley a few more inches first. He said businesses that had water issues before this work started have not reported any problems since.

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