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Posted: Oct 10, 2019 11:32 AMUpdated: Oct 10, 2019 11:36 AM

New Truancy Ordinance a Tool for Dewey Public Schools

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Garrett Giles

A truancy ordinance was adopted by the Dewey City Council this week to address the issues of truancy that are present within the Dewey Public Schools District.

Dewey Superintendent Vince Vincent said Dewey Police Sergeant Jimmy Gray was trying to help provide resources through the City of Dewey. Superintendent Vincent said that resource is a citation for those parents who fail to bring their kids to school.

What DPS would like to do is utilize the ordinance as another tool. After 8 absences, a citation could be issued to a parent or family for not getting their kid(s) to school.

Superintendent Vincent said they would continue to pursue measures already in place first before using the City ordinance to issue citations for truancy. He said they will continue to reach out to parents to let parents know about the problem with absences, until they feel as if they need to pursue the citation process.

The major point is to have the kids in school because the Dewey Public Schools District cannot educate truant students if they are not in class. First offenses with the citations will cost $50. Second offenses will cost $100. The costs would stack up depending on how long a truancy situation lasts.

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