Posted: Nov 07, 2019 8:40 AMUpdated: Nov 08, 2019 6:03 AM

All Residents Return Home After Being Hospitalized

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Garrett Giles

Ten were hospitalized in Bartlesville on Wednesday night after being given insulin instead of a flu shot.

Jim Warring, the Public Information Officer for the Bartlesville Police Department, said all of the patients sent to the Jane Phillips Medical Center from the ARC Group Home have been discharged from the hospital and are at home. He said they are in the process of investigating what happened.

Gathering information as to whether the man that administered the shots was a contract employee or not is one thing the BPD will look at. A long rainy night prevented the BPD from catching their breath for a while, but they can finally sit down and investigate the situation thoroughly.

Warring said that everyone was all over the place last night and several minor vehicle accidents caused by the rain did not help their cause with the investigation. He said they know a pharmacist that has administered shots at the ARC Group Home before gave the insulin shots on Wednesday night.

Other groups that were praised for their actions at the ARC Group Home were the Bartlesville Fire Department and Bartlesville EMS. Warring said everyone worked in tandem to right a chaotic situation. Without their speed, and their compassion in what they do, Warring said the situation could have been really bad.

Several ambulances made several trips to the ARC Group Home. A countless number of firefighters were there to assist them with whatever they needed, and were quick to diagnose what was going on with the patients. Their combined efforts helped the eight residents and two staffers that received the insulin instead of the flu shot get the appropriate medical attention right away.

The Bartlesville Police Department hopes to get the investigation sorted out in the next two days.

(Photo courtesy: Evan Fahrbach)

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