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Posted: Jan 06, 2020 8:02 PMUpdated: Jan 06, 2020 8:11 PM

Dewey Looks to Stow Away Problematic Vehicles, More

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Garrett Giles

Amendments to the City of Dewey's Zoning Ordinance were considered during a regular City Council meeting on Monday night.

City Manager Kevin Trease said that the Dewey Code Enforcement created five amendments for the Council to discuss concerning the storage of recreational vehicles, recreational equipment and certain other equipment. He said they have worked on these changes for several months.

There are certain areas in Dewey where there are three campers in one yard. None of which are registered to the property owner, nor are they tagged.

City Manager Trease said fixing the ordinance would give the City of Dewey teeth they did not have before to take action with. He said this would allow Dewey Code Enforcement to enforce clean-up efforts. In turn, he said these efforts should develop a sense of respect for one's neighbors.

The five amendments would be approved. City Manager Trease said the amendments hone in on campers and trailers within the Dewey City Limits. He said the emergency clause that was also approved on Monday night made the amendment go into effect immediately.

One amendment says any regulated vehicle must have current tags and registration, and should be registered to the property owner. Another amendment says vehicles in disrepair will be declared as a nuisance.

Also, with the approval of the five amendments, residents in the City of Dewey may not store any vehicle or trailer that was design for or used for commercial purposes on the street or the front setback of a home in a residential area. The storage of items, trash or debris within a regulated vehicle within a residential area in Dewey will not be permitted either.

Lastly, only one motor home or travel trailer shall be allowed to be stored at a time within any exterior residential area, and no regulated vehicle will be allowed to be stored in the Commercial Zone District.

Downtown Dewey comprises the Commercial Zone District. City Manager Trease said a block to 9th Street and a block to 7th Street on Highway 75 is part of the zone. The rest goes down towards the railroad tracks and the Dewey Fire Department.

City Manager Trease said first time violators could face a $100 citation.

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