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Posted: Jan 07, 2020 2:12 PMUpdated: Jan 07, 2020 2:12 PM

Donaldson Bound Over in 2018 Burglary Case

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Max Gross

A preliminary hearing was held at the Washington County Courthouse on Tuesday for Terry Donaldson Jr. On top of first degree murder charges, Donaldson is also being charged with burglary and attempted robbery with a weapon for an incident that occurred prior to the alleged murder of Gregg Meidl.

Special judge Jared Sigler found probable cause that the crimes were committed. Donaldson is now set to be bound over for district court arraignment.

Court documents allege that Donaldson, working in concert with Tyler Thomison and Thomas Alexander broke into a residence on the 800 block of Revere Way in Bartlesville on the night of August 19, 2018. The residence was occupied by a female victim who was hit in the face with a hand gun during the incident. These alleged actions were mentioned throughout the legal proceedings against Donaldson in his murder case.

This case is separate from the murder case. Donaldson is still set to go trial on February 3. Two co-defendants, Thomison and Alexander agreed to plead guilty in exchange for 15-year sentences on second degree murder charges.

It is alleged that the trio was out attempting to burglarize vehicles when Meidl confronted Donaldson. Donaldson then allegedly shot Meidl in the head. Donaldson remains in custody on a $500,000 bond for both cases.

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