Washington County Commissioners

Posted: Jan 13, 2020 12:26 PMUpdated: Jan 13, 2020 12:31 PM

Commissioners Make Appointment, More on Monday

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Garrett Giles

The Washington County Commissioners looked to appoint District 1 Commissioner Mitch Antle to serve on the All Hazard, Whole Community Planning Group Member's list on Monday.

Commissioner Antle said this was for Washington County Emergency Management's Grant Program. He said he does not want to act apart from the body of politic that is the Washington County Commissioners without their permission.

The resolution that was presented was for the allowance of said action power for Commissioner Antle on behalf of the Washington County Commissioners once they resolved. The Commissioners would approve Commissioner Antle's appointment.

Also in the meeting, the Commissioners approved the First Quarter Emergency Management Performance Grant report and request for payment that was presented by Melissa Lindgren with Washington County Emergency Management. The request payment will now go before the State of Oklahoma. Lindgren said Washington County Emergency Management said they are one of the highest recipients in the state and that they receive up to $11,000 per quarter.

A resolution regarding the opening of section line roads for 4030 Drive in District 2 of Washington County would be discussed as well, but only briefly. The item was tabled, because Commissioner Antle and Commissioner Mike Bouvier found a resolution from 2003 that is currently under review by the District Attorney. They said they wanted the DA to take a look at the old resolution before they took action on the item in a future meeting.

Later on, the Commissioners would approve reconcilement to the Washington County Election Board for the month of December 2019 in the amount of $3,082. Reconcilement of $935,441 to the Washington County Treasurer from the Washington County Court Clerk for December would be approved.

Lastly, the Washington County Court Clerk's Records Management and Preservation Report for December 2019 would be approved. The total amount of the first ever report was $1,884. This started in November 2019, and they hope to build up the funds over time for archiving and digitizing services, equipment, equipment maintenance, salaries, supplies, training, travel, storage and miscellaneous if itemized.

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