Posted: Jan 19, 2020 2:42 PMUpdated: Jan 19, 2020 11:26 PM

Beckloff, Tribute Jeep Recognized by Bartlesville PD

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Garrett Giles

On Sunday afternoon after church, the Bartlesville Police Department and a member of the community looked to pay tribute to 2019’s fallen soldiers and emergency personnel.

Jon Beckloff, a board member of the Bartlesville Police Department Foundation and the Director of Child Nutrition for Bartlesville Public Schools, customized his Jeep to pay tribute to the fallen from 2019. On the back windows of Beckloff’s Jeep are the names of heroes the nation has lost.

The names on the back of the Jeep called "Tribute" include military, police, fire and EMS personnel that died in the line of duty in 2019. Beckloff said he will change the names at the start of every new year.

Beckloff said he does not think people realize that an officer was dying every 30 hours while they served their respected community in 2019. He said starting the conversation on how to protect our communities while honoring those who put their lives on the line is why he customized his Jeep and called it “Tribute.”

The red, white and blue design for the Jeep was done in October in preparation for Veteran's Day. Beckloff said Highway Man Signs in Dewey did an excellent job with the wrap. He said he had it done because his jeep club does a lot of Veteran's Day related events in October.

The club, called "Jeepers Anonymous," is a vehicle based club that does a lot for veterans and nursing homes in the Tulsa area. Beckloff said the group he is a part of is based out of Broken Arrow and they do everything in their power to give back to their communities in a variety of ways. He said in Bartlesville, they delivered 30 Easter baskets and planted Easter eggs at certain homes last spring.

Sergeant Daniel Elkins said when he heard that Beckloff customized his vehicle to honor the fallen from 2019, he knew it was something the BPD needed to talk about. He said it was an honor for the BPD to recognize Beckloff and his Jeep called “Tribute.”

Every name on the Jeep had a community and family behind them. With "Tribute" sitting on the edge of Bartlesville on Sunday, Sgt. Elkins said it shows their families and community were behind them, too. While the BPD has been fortunate to not lose an officer in the line of duty, Sgt. Elkins said community and family is behind the badge, and that Beckloff gave the respect and honor officers deserves.

Sgt. Elkins said the Bartlesville Police Department was happy to show Beckloff their gratitude at the water tower across from the Phillips 66 Research Center on the west side of town. He said they will be making a video of the Jeep for all to see, but it is more than a video.

Sunday's recognition on Beckloff, the Jeep and the fallen is a prelude of a weekly podcast the Bartlesville Police Department looks to kick off. Sgt. Elkins said it is still being developed and you could see their channel go live in late winter or early spirng 2020. The podcast channel they are creating will be called "Behind the Badge."



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