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Posted: Mar 25, 2020 2:42 PMUpdated: Mar 25, 2020 2:50 PM

Dewey Public Schools Reacts to School Closure Decision

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Garrett Giles

Dewey Superintendent Vince Vincent said he is in agreement with the Oklahoma State Department of Education's decision to close schools for the remainder of the semester as the cases of COVID-19 rise.

To Superintendent Vincent, there was no doubt that it would be difficult decision. He said he could not see an easy way to bring students back to school considering they are on an extended spring break. Bringing students back to a classroom setting and operating like they did before the pandemic took off seems nearly impossible at this point.

Challenges and opportunities have presented themselves as schools across Oklahoma are now moving to “distance learning.” Superintendent Vincent said the approach for Dewey Public Schools is to move students in a direction where they are able to participate in educational opportunities that allow them to progress through the rest of the school year.

This includes the opportunity for teachers to look at essential learning objectives for their students. That also means looking at how students can meet that objective while they are learning at home.

Superintendent Vincent said they are through 81-percent of the school year, and that they want their students to be able to cross the finish line. Instruction is set to pick back up on April 6th.

With the extra time at their disposal, Superintendent Vincent said they are going to keep planning. He said DPS was anticipating this move by the Oklahoma State Department of Education, and they are now getting ready to meet with teachers to come up with more specific plans moving forward in April and May.

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