Posted: Feb 22, 2021 10:25 AMUpdated: Feb 23, 2021 5:55 AM

City of Bartlesville on COMMUNITY CONNECTION

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Tom Davis
Bartlesville City Manager Mike Bailey appeared on COMMUNITY CONNECTION with Public Works Director Keith Henry, Police Chief Tracy Roles, Adams Golf Course Pro Jerry Benedict and Course Supervisor Cody Shahan.
City Manager Bailey recapped the recent snow and bitter cold events. Bailey pointed to his surprise over the Public Service Oklahoma rolling blackout last week. Many city services were affected as well as were many residents. Bailey spoke to PSO and said he hoped the manner in which the blackout took effect will be changed and more lead time will be given so that we do not have a repeat of the incident.
Bailey talked about the upcoming decision regarding the appointment of the next municipal judge from the 9 candidates in the running which includes former vice mayor Alan Gentges. Gentges resigned from the city council to pursue this opportunity. The position bacame open in late December with the passing of Judge Steve Conatser. 
Public Works Director Keith Henry thanked all the city employees and other workers that assisted the city with clearing the main roads and getting the trash collected. Henry reiterated the city's snow plan:
1. Snow is plowed only on major streets.
2. Snow will not be plowed on residential streets.
3. It will be the responsibility of the property owner to clear their driveways and sidewalks.
4. Snow removed from driveways, sidewalks, or parking areas shall not be placed in the street.
5. An attempt will be made to follow set priorities, however, due to blowing or drifting snow, some streets must be plowed repeatedly to control drifting snow.
6. In removing snow from the streets, it cannot be expected that all the snow will be removed down to bare pavement. What snow or ice remains will be salted or a salt/sand mixture applied to improve traction.
7. CMA may be applied to dry road surfaces in anticipation of snow or ice to help facilitate in keeping the snow or ice from adhering to the roadway surface. It may be applied later to help keep the precipitation from freezing solid.
8. Due to the intensity of the storm or the time of day that the storm arrives set priorities may be changed with prior approval of the City Manager, Public Works Director, or his designated representative.
The policy may be viewed in its entirety at Snow and Ice Removal Policy.
Police Chief Tracey Roles also thanked the officers and the citizens for their patience during the winter storm events.
Roles went on to talk about the success of the press and community leaders checking out the departments new MILO Training Simulator at Tri-County Tech (shoot-don't shoot situational awarness simulator).
The Chief is inviting more citizens to participate on the simulator so they can see for themselves what an officer could face at any given time.  Chief Roles said they're inviting members of the community to try the MILO System for themselves in order to teach the public and explain why law enforcement has to do the things that they do. He said people don't have to like or support law enforcement to attend the event because they want everyone to understand what it's like to be a police officer.
Chief Roles and the Bartlesville Police Department would like to invite you to take part in the BPD MILO Day on Tuesday, March 9th, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The event will take place at Tri County Tech.
Time slots will be scheduled in 15 minute intervals. Chief Roles said the event will give you a real live look into some of the difficult situations police officers across our State and Country face on a daily basis.
You must have an appointment to attend. If you plan on attending the event, you are asked to let Chief Roles know by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 5th. His email is
WIth the weather taking a sudden change from sub-freezing tempeatures to conditions in the 70's this week , Adams Golf Course Pro Jerry Benedict and Course Supervisor Joey Shehan talked about the course. Although it will be a bit muddy, play could resume later this week.
Benedict reminded everyone that the golf associations are begining their signups and reminded golfers to checkout for the ladies clinic ad the juniors clinic dates among others.

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