Posted: Feb 22, 2021 10:47 AMUpdated: Feb 22, 2021 10:51 AM

Most Oklahomans Won't See Crazy Utility Bills

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Evan Fahrbach

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and other leaders from the state held a press conference on Monday morning to talk about the fallout from the last two week’s winter weather.

Many have started to worry about utility bills due next month.

Although the cost of energy in the region has risen to historic levels within the past week, Oklahoma Secretary of Energy Kenneth Wagner says in all likelihood your electric and natural gas bill increases next month will only reflect your increase in usage.

Wagner says the small number of Oklahomans who may see major increases are those who work with small companies who might be unregulated.

Most Oklahomans get their power from big companies like PSO or OG&E - or through rural electric co-ops, or municipal power companies at the city-level. Or get their gas from Oklahoma Natural Gas or CenterPoint - Those companies will not see major increases, as they are regulated by the state.  

Wagner says the vast majority of customers should not worry about dramatic increases this month.

Wagner says the regulated companies will work with state agencies to pass the cost along at an incremental bases over a period of time at some point in the future.

Wagner also mentioned that many news stories out of the state of Texas are worrisome, but Texas does not have the same regulations put in place as Oklahoma does - creating more opportunities for exponential increases. 

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