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Posted: Nov 15, 2021 2:03 PMUpdated: Nov 15, 2021 2:03 PM

District Boundary Lines Agreed Upon in Osage County

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Ty Loftis

At last week’s Osage County Commissioners meeting, Board members agreed to a plan that would change district boundary lines very little, this after being presented with previous proposals that would have radically changed the three districts.

At a previously held meeting, citizens raised concerns that one of the Board members had been working with the Indian Nations Council of Governments to generate those plans. Within the last week, an investigation has been launched against District One Commissioner Randall Jones to see if any allegations are true, so the Board had a decision to make regarding signing the previously agreed-upon proposal, something that must be done in two weeks.

It was Sheriff Eddie Virden’s belief that there was no evil intent, but things should have been handled in a more professional matter and the Board should wait a week to see if any judgement had been made regarding the investigation.

Jones said neither he, nor the other two commissioners contacted INCOG and that the only information INCOG had received is where their county shops were located so that they could take that into consideration when re-drawing district lines. Jones went on to say that the Board was being accused of doing their job.

District Two Commissioner Steve Talburt said he was elected to do what he felt was right for the people of his District. He said that the agreed-upon proposal benefits his citizens, but also agreed that everything needs to be done by the book.  

After nearly an hour of discussion, Jones elected to make a motion to sign the resolution and District Three Commissioner Darren McKinney made a second.  Talburt abstained from the vote. Jones remains under investigation and we will have more on that as the story develops.  

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