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Posted: Nov 25, 2021 9:06 AMUpdated: Nov 25, 2021 10:15 AM

Gov. Stitt Addresses Oklahomans on Thanksgiving Day

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Garrett Giles

Governor Kevin Stitt addresses Oklahomans on Thanksgiving Day.

In a fallen world that reminds us of injustice and hurt, Gov. Stitt wanted to offer hope this holiday. Stitt says he always asks God for wisdom and discernment through prayer. He encourages us to pray, give thanks, in live in unity through the Lord at all times.

Stitt says we too often see the world through a political lens, when we should see the world through a Godly lens.

As we gather this week to eat turkey, watch football and be with family, Stitt says he will be doing three things: acknowledge God's care, ask God for forgiveness for not putting him first, and ask God for forgiveness for not loving our neighbors as ourselves. He would invite us to do the same.

If we take time to listen to each other, Stitt says our humanity will transform us and builds bridges of friendship and understanding. Stitt wishes all Oklahomans a Happy Thanksgiving.

To watch Gov. Stitt give his Thanksgiving remarks, click on the video below.

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