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Posted: Sep 16, 2022 3:03 PMUpdated: Sep 16, 2022 3:03 PM

Bartlesville High School Fire Explained

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Victoria Edwards

A few days ago, Bartlesville Radio was on the scene of a fire that occurred at the Bartlesville High School. At that time, we could only observe what was occurring because limited information was available with the focus on handling the situation safely. The investigation into the fire is now complete so we were able to speak with a Michael Hart, Principal of the high school, to obtain the most accurate information about what occurred.

Principal Hart said the fire did involve a student and it did occur in a bathroom. He said that the incident was handled quickly by the SRO and staff, allowing the students to exit the building without injuries. After the fire department and police responded to contain the situation, students were able to return back to the classroom quickly and missed very little instruction or activities planned for the day. Since then, school has operated normally.

Staff, students, and local emergency management agencies were applauded by Principal Hart for how the efficient and safe manner in which the incident was handled.

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