Washington County Commissioners Meeting-Sept 19, 2022

Posted: Sep 19, 2022 4:50 PMUpdated: Sep 19, 2022 4:50 PM

BOK Financial Securities Addresses Expo Funding

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Victoria Edwards

It was an extended session at today's Washington County Commissioners' meeting as Commissioners Antle, Dunlap and Bouvier heard a detailed presentation about the bond funding that would be required to progress on expanding the Expo Center, as conceived by the Public Facilities Authority.

Zach Robinson, Vice President of BOK Financial Securities, presented the options for amounts and lengths of time for bond issues that would be presented to voters if Washington County decided to go forward with asking residents to approve an increase in property taxes to fund the New Expo.

Brent Clark, Attorney-at-law, who had brought forward the bond issue to the Commissioners on behalf of the Public Facilities Authority, added some clarifications to the presentation but it wasn't enough to answer all of the questions and concerns expressed by the Commissioners so the decision on whether to proceed with a bond vote was tabled for now. The Commissioners expressed interest in hearing more details of the New Expo as well as taking time to digest the full extent of the bond options before proceeding on a decision.



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