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Posted: Dec 28, 2022 2:26 PMUpdated: Dec 28, 2022 2:26 PM

Caney Waiting For Approval To Lift Boil Order

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Chris Freund

Residents of Caney are once again able to shower and do laundry after 96 hours of not being able to do so.

According to Caney Mayor Josh Elliott, the water system is keeping up with the demand of residents. The tower is once again full, and the water pressure is good as well. Elliott says the last remaining valve to the town has been opened, however, a concern remains with the area called “The Hill”.

Elliott says the town understands that water usage will be higher than normal for a few days as residents get caught up on showers and laundry, but he expects to see a leveling of water usage soon. He also reminds residents that the town is still under a boil order, but that order will be lifted as soon as the town is given permission to do so by the KDHE.

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