Posted: Jan 09, 2023 6:24 AMUpdated: Jan 09, 2023 6:24 AM

McCarthy Gets House Speaker; CD-2 Brecheen Explains Initial "No" Votes

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Tom Davis
Kevin McCarthy’s difficult road to becoming House speaker ended in his election early Saturday morning.
Oklahoma Congressman for District 2, Josh Brecheen, eventually voted for McCarthy. Brecheen tells Bartlesville Radio that he held out for an agreement to stop out of control spending such as the Omnibus bill and to break up the power held by only a few house members.
The 15th and final vote for House speaker gave McCarthy 216 votes, a bare majority that was lower than the normal 218 votes needed because all six of his remaining GOP opponents relented and voted "present." In the end, no Republican voted against McCarthy, which was the closest thing to GOP unity seen all week.

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