Posted: Jan 11, 2023 9:28 AMUpdated: Jan 11, 2023 9:31 AM

Ascension St. John Jane Phillips Wellness Connection

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Tom Davis
At Ascension St. John Jane Phillips Wellness Connection, they deliver a personalized wellness and fitness experience to help you meet your goals.
Appearing on COMMUNITY CONNECTION on Wednesday, Jason Hall with Ascension St. John Jane Phillips Wellness Connection said the unit has wellness and fitness specialists offer personalized exercise programs, massage therapy, personal training and wellness classes on healthy living. Josh said that there exercise specialists help teens and adults create a personalized fitness routine. They motivate and empower you to meet your health and wellness goals. Their team focuses on injury prevention training and offers nutrition guidance.
According Hall, the specialists at Ascension St. John Jane Phillips Wellness Connection help you learn how to train in a way that is safe and effective. They offer personal fitness training and group sessions.
The Ascension St. John Jane Phillips Wellness Center is a full-service facility with a variety of equipment and services. The classes range from indoor cycling to Pilates and are adapted for different fitness levels and interests. The Wellness and Fitness Center has a membership fee. Most of the classes are offered at no cost to members. A drop in fee is available for non-members. Other classes like small group training are fee-based.
Some of the ammenities include:
  • Cardio sports – Indoor running and walking track
  • Fitness workouts – Trainer-led workouts
  • Nutritional wellness – Cooking demonstrations, wellness classes, nutritional counseling, and weight-loss programs
  • Holistic services – Massage helps reduce stress and anxiety and manage pain
  • Transition exercise – Supervised exercise and lifestyle change program for individuals with special health considerations
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