City of Bartlesville

Posted: Nov 14, 2023 1:10 PMUpdated: Nov 15, 2023 10:31 AM

Bartlesville Enters Stage 3 of Water Restrictions

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Nathan Thompson

The city of Bartlesville has entered Stage 3 of its drought contingency plan this week.

According to city officials, remaining water supply levels continue to decrease due to the drought, coming in at 58.1% as of Monday — with weighted water supply based on water rights at 74.5%.

The numbers combined mean the city has entered Stage 3 of the Water Shortage Ordinance.

Stage 3 restrictions limit outdoor water use to one time per week, where even-numbered addresses may water on Saturdays and odd-numbered addresses may water on Sundays. The filling of any outdoor pool, hot tub or spa is also prohibited and water pressure will be dropped city-wide.

Emergency water rates have not been enacted by the City Council, as water consumption has remained below the threshold. Here's City Manager Mike Bailey.

Graphic courtesy, city of Bartlesville

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