Posted: Nov 17, 2023 2:27 PMUpdated: Nov 17, 2023 2:27 PM

All Teenagers Involved in October Armed Robbery Arrested

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Chase McNutt

Six teenage boys have been arrested in connection to the armed robbery that took place at an East Bartlesville home on Oct. 24th. Four of the six have been seen in Washington County Court, and the other two will be seen in federal court due to them being tribal members.

Corey Russell Jr., Christopher James Pullins Jr., Keeton Tod Mayer and Deandre Austin have all been ordered to appear back in Washington County on Dec. 15th at 9 a.m.

Russell, Pullins, and Mayer are currently being held on $100,000 bonds while Austin is out on an O.R. bond due to there being no detention center having room for him. The four teenagers are being charged as youthful offenders, and are being charged with four total felonies that include first degree burglary, conjoint robbery, conspiracy, and possessing firearms during a commission of a felony.

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