Posted: Nov 22, 2023 8:58 AMUpdated: Nov 22, 2023 9:08 AM

Hoboetry: A Unique Limited-Edition Vinyl Experience

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Tom Davis
KWON'S COMMUNITY CONNECTION on Wednesday featured artist Morris McCorvey and producer Chris Cauthen as they talked about a very special recording project, "Hoboetry," set to go to vinyl but only if enough money can be raised to make it happen.
"Hoboetry" is a preorder limited-edition vinyl record, capped at just 250 copies. This record seamlessly blends Morris McCorvey's powerful, evocative spoken word poetry with improvisational jazz, drawing inspiration from legends like Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk.
Morris McCorvey is a prodigious talent born in Oklahoma City in 1951 and raised amidst the rich Jazz and literary culture of Route 66, Morris began writing poetry set to Jazz tunes at an early age. His passion for the arts led him to co-found the Black Liberated Arts Center in Oklahoma City and later the Dustbowl Players II in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. 
With a background in teaching poetry and theater in public schools, he has also served as the Executive Director of the Westside Community Center. Morris is the author of several poetry books and has been honored with numerous accolades, including the BLAC Inc.'s Consuelo V. Tompkins Drama Award.
Producer Chris Cauthen said that "Hoboetry" is more than just a vinyl record; it's a multisensory journey through sound, sight, and soul. Each copy is adorned with intricate line art and evocative photography that captures the essence of the music. But the experience doesn't stop there.
As Chris tells it, the embedded QR Codes transport listeners beyond the physical confines of the record. One such code guides you to a meticulously curated photography album by Andy Dossett, capturing candid moments from the live and studio events. Another leads to a dedicated YouTube channel, housing Morris's auditory works that span years of dedication and passion. It's more than just an auditory experience; it's an immersion into a world of passion, artistry, and profound musical storytelling.
Chris Cauthen has  30 years of experience in the recording industry, Chris has worked with a range of artists and record labels. He's no stranger to vinyl recordings and has a keen understanding of the intricacies involved. His work in the Emmy-winning project "However Wide the Sky: Places of Power" highlights his expertise in crafting award-winning audio experiences.
The recordings, collaborations, and core creative processes have been completed in renowned studios and with a team of passionate artists and musicians. Now, we are at the crucial stage of bringing "Hoboetry" into the physical world.
The funds from this Kickstarter campaign will be dedicated to pressing the vinyl: Ensuring the highest quality auditory experience for our backers. With a limited run of only 250 copies, each record promises to be a collectible piece of artistry.
All recording costs are covered. The Recording, Mixing and Mastering are done. The remaining expense is for pressing the vinyl, Recouping costs from Mechanical Licenses and Art Supplies, Shipping, Kickstarter Fee and Taxes. Importantly, the record price is set to cover production costs alone. 
Should the campaign funds exceed the target, the surplus will be generously donated to organizations dedicated to the local literacy, poetic and art community. The exact beneficiary will be finalized and disclosed at a later date, ensuring transparency and alignment with our project's artistic vision.
Important: When you preorder today, your payment won't be processed until December 31st. Plus, you'll only be charged if they successfully reach their funding target.

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