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Posted: Dec 05, 2023 2:32 PMUpdated: Dec 05, 2023 2:32 PM

Caney Water Solution Discussions Continue

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Chris Freund & Nathan Thompson
Temporary and long term water solutions continue to be the main topic of discussion during regular session meetings of the Caney City Council.
City Administrator Kelley Zellner says water loss through leaks in pipes and in the water plant continue to be fixed, leading to a 15% water loss reduction in a short amount of time, from 41% to 26%.
Zellner says the biggest obstacle facing the town is older layers of pipe that weren't removed when new pipes were laid.
Zellner says removing the old pipe should help water loss rates to dip below the 20% mark.
Weekly meetings with state and federal officials continue, with discussions on getting water to the town on a short and long term basis. The discussions also include available grant funding, and possible forgiveness of some debt occurred by the current water system.

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