Posted: Dec 07, 2023 9:41 AMUpdated: Dec 07, 2023 9:52 AM

Elder Care Offering Services For Those with Parkinson's Disease

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Tom Davis
Exercise is medicine for people with Parkinson Disease and Elder Care is here to help with that.
Appearing on COMMUNITY CONNECTION, Angie Thompson with Elder Care shared that recent research indicates that exercise is more than strength, balance, coordination, flexibility or cardiovascular function. Instead, it is a physiological tool that protects at risk or compromised neurons, and guides brain health, protection, repair and adaptation after a neurodegenerative process occurs.
Once triggered by exercise, these physiological mechanisms have the potential to slow disease progression in people with Parkinson disease! 
Angie told us about Parkinson Wellness Recovery or  PWR Moves. Angie said that the professionals at Elder Care can help you improve your quality of life, and to be in control of your destiny with PWR Moves. You DO have options and choice …and to help you take control of that which you can.
The power to project your voice also weakens with PD. Angie referred to SPEAK OUT! ®, which is a program developed by the Parkinson Voice Project specifically for individuals with voice disorders related to Parkinson’s disease. LOUD CROWD ® is a weekly group available to monitor and maintain speech therapy gains made through SPEAK OUT!
More information can be obtained by calling Elde Care at (918) 336-8500 and they are located at 1223 Swan Drive, Bartlesville, OK 74006.

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