Osage County

Posted: Dec 07, 2023 12:09 PMUpdated: Dec 07, 2023 12:10 PM

OCSO Gets New Body Scanner

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Ty Loftis

The Osage County Sheriff’s Office has introduced the Soter RS body scanner as an upgrade to its prisoner search capabilities within the jail. This tool will replace the traditional body search procedure and was attained through a grant.

The new scanner will allow for officers to identify contraband in a safer and more effective way. Head to toe body scans will be taken to ensure screening of all individuals. The Soter RS will detect both plastic and metal items, as well as organic materials to identify a wide array of contraband items.

Since installing the scanner, the OCSO has caught several items, including methamphetamine, and Fentanyl. The scanner is user friendly with little training for operation needed.   

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