Posted: Feb 08, 2024 3:08 PMUpdated: Feb 08, 2024 3:08 PM

Bartlesville Man Charged with Child Abuse After Causing Victims Nose to Bleed

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Chase McNutt

A Bartlesville man was seen in Washington County Court on Thursday afternoon on the charge of child abuse. Casey Andrews appeared in court after he was arrested Wednesday evening on the above charge. A call was made to police about a domestic in progress on Friday, Feb 5th involving Andrews.

According to an affidavit, Andrews was in the 4000 block of SE Adams Blvd at an apartment when he is alleged of breaking through the victims bedroom door, taking her phone, and breaking it. Andrew then allegedly tackled the minor victim when she tried to leave the bedroom.

Andrews then allegedly pushed the victims face into the ground hard enough causing her nose to bleed. The victim stated she was held down for several seconds, and that Andrews covered her mouth separate times hindering her breathing. Andrews was arrested on Wednesday evening but would post his $50,000 bond.

His next court date is set for Feb. 23rd.

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