Posted: Feb 09, 2024 9:19 AMUpdated: Feb 09, 2024 9:19 AM

CAPITOL CALL 2-9-24 Powered by Phillips 66

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Tom Davis
The State of the State, some newly proposed legislation, and visting with local officials highlighted this week's CAPITOL CALL powered by Phillips 66 on KWON on Friday.
Representatiives Judd Strom and John B. Kane along with Senator Julie Daniels were all in agreement wil Governor Stitt's announcement during the State of the State address on Monday to focused on making Oklahoma the “business capital of the world.”
Our local state legislators  agreeed with Gov. Stitt whenhe said,“We’re gonna be inviting energy companies to come here and join the ranks of Devon and Williams and Continental and ONEOK…..we wanta keep building aerospace and our defense industry and companies like American Airlines and Boeing and Lockheed Martin. We want to secure the critical mineral supply chain and loosen China’s grip on these technologies.” Stitt added, “In Oklahoma, we say “we feed the world, we fuel the world and we defend freedoms around the world.”
Representative John B. Kane brought his resolve to continue with his "Tim Tebow bill" that would allow homeschooled students to participate in public school activites such as sports.
Staying with education, Senator Daniels told us of a bill to limit how many virtual days a school can have in a year. She also brought up newly proposed legislation that would do more to protect businesses against crimes of larceny.
Judd Strom said he's prepared to listen to all concerned at the state capitol as they will make their way to his office before the work on the state budget begins.
Prior to our CAPITOL CALL program, each of our legistators participated in a meeting with the governments of the cities of Bartlesville and Dewey along with Washington County. Senator Daniels said is was a good meeting where all involved were able to express their ideas and concerns involving  bills before the legislature in this session.

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