Posted: Apr 05, 2024 9:58 AMUpdated: Apr 05, 2024 10:48 AM

CAPITOL CALL Powered by Phillips 66 4-5-24

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Tom Davis
Representatives Judd Strom and John B. Kane along with Senator Julie Daniels appeared on this week's CAPITOL CALL Powered by Phillips 66.
Our lawmakers agreed that funding for teacher's raises  in applicible schools need to be inacted, but also agreed that leadership in both the House and the Senate need to work out a way to facilitate this move.    
Representative Kane said that a bill that would allow you to access toll roads without stopping at a booth by use of a lisence plate reader is causing some rumbles of disagreement at the state capitol. At issue is whether anyone or any group should be expempted from paying tolls. Kane said that anyone who uses the road should pay their part.
Senator Daniels said that anyone who uses a toll road needs to pay, but she does understand that some may think that the plate readers could be used to track your moves. She said that it could aid law enforcement in locating kidnapping suspects.
Representative Strom said they don't have any interest in tracking your miles, but that something needs to be done to even things out taxwise when it comes to the roads we use. He said that electric vehicle owners don't pay road taxes that coe with the purchase of fossil fuels and that the EV owners need to pony up somehow since they use the same roads that that their vehicles are often heavier than regular vehicles.

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