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Posted: Apr 08, 2024 6:59 AMUpdated: Apr 08, 2024 7:14 AM

Tulsa-area Airport Construction May Increase Landings at Bartlesville

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Nathan Thompson
Bartlesville Municipal Airport may see an increase in traffic through May, as two Tulsa-area airports are seeing some long-overdue improvements.
Pogue Airport in Sand Springs and Tulsa Riverside Airport are popular landing spots for general aviation pilots and flight instructors to teach new students.
Pogue's one runway is closed while construction crews replace runway lights that guide pilots to a safe landing. Riverside has three runways, but only one is open while construction work is going on there.
Flight instructor David Koehn says many of his collegues are looking for other options to teach their students while the two airports are under construction, and Bartlesville is certainly an option.
Both the main runway at Riverside and Pogue are expected to be back open by May.

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