Posted: May 08, 2024 9:50 AMUpdated: May 08, 2024 9:53 AM

Dr. Deb Shropshire with Human Services on COMMUNITY CONNECTION

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Tom Davis
Oklahoma Human Services helps more than one million Oklahomans each year across a wide range of services including food assistance, child support, child care, reporting abuse, disabilities services and caretaker needs among others.
Appearing on COMMUNITY CONNECTION, Director of Oklahoma Human Services, Dr. Deb Shropshire said, "Oklahomans help each other. It's in our nature. Oklahoma Human Services exists to make sure that when a person falls on hard times, they have a place to turn. Where we do not offer a program or assistance for a specific situation, we are committed to connecting the person in need with an organization that can help." She added, "The area of focus for the agency is strengthening families toward self sufficiency along with safety, dignity and independence. 
Dr. Shropshire emphasised that Human Services loves working with connumity partners to help those in need.  Some of the things the agency is working on includes working with those with developmental disablities to get them into the workforce, a multisector plan on aging and informing people of their benefits, and sometimes, with the use of a mobile office to make themselves available to those in sparsely populated areas.
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