Posted: May 10, 2024 9:23 AMUpdated: May 10, 2024 9:57 AM

CAPITOL CALL Powered by Phillips 66 5-10-24

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Tom Davis
Severe weather, the state budget and education issues were the main issues on CAPITOL CALL Powered by Phillips 66 on KWON Friday morning.
Senator Julie Daniels talked about the various roles and responsiblities of government whtn it comes to the aftermath of a severe weather event. She praised the local, county and state agencies for their coordination and quick responses to the tornado that hit Barnsdall and Bartlesville. The senator also thanked Bartlesville Radio for our storm coverage.
Representative Judd Strom described the budget situation and how the process is playing out. Strom sees a budget agreement coming, but just when, is not certain. Strom believes there is an agreement on most issues already.
Representative John B. Kane has faith that a tax cut idea still has a chance in the form of a flat tax with a different level in which taxation woild begin and maybe a 1/4 percent tax cut with a trigger mechanism a little later on.
It was also Representative Kane who brought up the issue of rules in the Education Department. Kane remirked that some debating the rules might be a little more focused on the Secretary of Education Ryan Walters and his personality than they might be in analyzing the rules themselves.

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