Posted: May 13, 2024 11:50 AMUpdated: May 13, 2024 11:52 AM


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Tom Davis


City Water Utilities Director Terry Lauritsen along with City Library and Museum Director Shellie McGill, Public Works Director Keith Henry, City Clerk Jason Muniger and City Development Director Larry Curtis all shared the latest from city hall on KWON's CITY MATTERS program.


THe program began with storm damage and cleanup. City Public Works Director Keith Henry said that his crews were out shortly after the tornado hit Bartlesville on May 6th clearing the roadways of limbs and debris. Heny said a free public tree debris dump site at the rodeo arena west of Bartlesville on HWY 60 is open 7am - 4pm weekdays. He added that crews have begun picking up your storm debris from vegetative to fencing, roofs, ect. at your curbside in front of your home. This will likely take 3 weeks to complete.


Shellie McGill has been a city employee for nearly 35 years. She is the current director of the pulic library and museum and she will be retiring in July. Shellie announced registration for the summer reading program for all ages as well as a full list of summer activities.


City Director of Develpment Larry Curtis said his office is waving fees for electrical permits for those who've been affected by the storms. Curtis said the city Comprehensive Plan will focus at this time on the westside train tracks and Adams Blvd and on the eastside near Madison Nowata Rd.


City Clerk Jason Muniger said the city sales tax collections are down 2 1/2 percent from last year but still a good year. Use Tax is up 1/2 percent.


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