Posted: May 24, 2024 9:47 AMUpdated: May 24, 2024 9:47 AM

CAPITOL CALL Powered by Phillips 66 5-24-24

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Tom Davis

An Oklahoma state budget agreement has been struck and now the staff must write this it into several pieces of legislation for lawmakers to vote on.

Appearing on CAPITOL CALL Powered by Phillips 66 on KWON Friday morning, Representative Judd Strom said the deal appropriates $12.47 billion to fund state government in the upcoming budget year that begins July 1. The current fiscal year appropriation is $13.18 billion.
A bill was passed earlier in this session to eliminate the state sales tax on groceries at a cost of $308 million in revenue earlier. However, this budget agreement does not include a reduction in the personal income tax. Representative John B. Kane was dissappointed in that outcome. Kane, however, was glad to see some savings in this spending agreement.

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